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ALF and Eff One short kart track guides

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Alf McQueef

My Car: XFR / C Max 1.6T Ti

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2008 4:47 pm    Post subject: ALF and Eff One short kart track guides  Reply with quote

This thread is for short guides to major kart tracks - I'll start with Thruxton then hopefully Eff One can add Buckmore and Milton Keynes...
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Alf McQueef

My Car: XFR / C Max 1.6T Ti

Joined: 05 Jan 2007
Posts: 6827

Location: Winchester

PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2008 5:27 pm    Post subject: THRUXTON FULL CIRCUIT Reply with quote


The start/finish straight is short and passes the pit entrance, so to disuade overtakers and to avoid tangling with people exiting the pits it often helps not to be fully to the right hand side of the track until you approach the first corner. This is a deceptively fast left-hander, only requiring a short sharp brake then a late and quite hard turn-in. It took me the whole of my first race here to work out nearly how fast this corner can be taken... Beware some bumps just before turn-in. Exiting turn 1 you should need to use all the track and maybe some of the kerb, or you were not going fast enough... This is one of the few relatively comfy kerbs to cross, and the only one the organisers do not (always) get upset about you using. Use this following flat-out section to look down at your lap timer as this is where the lap time for the previous lap temporarily flashes up.

There then follows a flat-out left hander, leading into a tight right/left hairpin which is the slowest point on the track and the cause of many an incident. Entry into the "right" part of it needs to be fast enough to dissuade overtakers coming up the left, but the tight "left" part absolutely must be apexed and really is a case of "slow in, fast out". I trail brake here - but be careful not to spin! Don't take too wide an entry or someone will pass on the left. Power needs to be applied early as speeds are low enough here for the engine to bog down, but if you miss the apex this will push the nose wide and make you vulnerable to an overtake from someone more patient on the next straight.

The next short straight (engine only slowly waking up) is followed by a tight left leading to a long right, tight initially but opening up. On entry to this section do not go too wide to the right in traffic as again this is a favoured point for nipping up the inside - especially if you missed the apex on the hairpin above. If you do, be a bastard and just stick to the left on this straight... It is quite a direction change here and it is worth concentrating on taking a line through the first (left) part that aids your passage into and out of the second (right) section. This is aided by the defensive entry line I suggest. The right part opens up nicely, flat out from power-on.

You then pass under a bridge, stay well to the left, flat on the gas. There follows a somewhat quicker right/left/right section where again the first part needs to be sacrificed somewhat for the remainder. you need to apex the midddle, left, part reasonably early to be able to apex the final right as it leads onto a straight - come out of here scruffily and you will be overtaken.

Again to dissuade overtakers I stay somewhat to the left on this next straight before peeling right to aid turn-in to the hairpin left that follows. This is a classic 180-degree hairpin, grippier than it looks. The fast line is to turn in late and apex 2/3 of the way around it, as usual if you are not forced to run all the way to the exit kerb you were not on the limit. Trail braking will really help here - after a brake-assisted turn in you should be hard on the gas and feeling you are almost straight to the apex/exity and beyond. If being followed closely, however, a different line is needed for hairpins and in this case turn-in not quite from the edge of the track and apex earlier. Most driver, I notice, do this all the time, whether being followed or not, and if you are following one and take the classic line I describe above it will give you a chance on the next straight, where I often bang wheels with (and sometimes pass) people who took a defensive line and messed up their exit.

The hairpin exits onto another straight, followed by a fast right/left chicane onto the main straight. As this leads onto the longest straight good exit speed will affect lap time dramatically, as well as making you hard to pass - if being followed here I slightly sacrifice the right then really gas it through and out of the left hander. This is faster than you will think at first, but remeber that the rear of the kart is wider than the front - easy to catch the rear wheel on a the tyre wall here! A good exit (here, as anywhere) sees you nailing the throttle just before the apex and not needing to lift one iota, but only just being able to stay on the track as you enter the straight, perhaps lightly collecting ther kerb a tad. Get this corner and exit right and it will literally hurt even a fit driver (in grippy conditions anway) if it does not hurt, you need to go quicker!

The straight is long and you reach nearly 60mph, it actually curves left somewhat. A left/right complex follows, because this is followed by another long corner exit speed is not critical so focus on keeping the straight speed going as long as possible, and brake hard and late and again not from the very edge of the track if being followed. This is quicker than it looks, too, and forgiving if you get into a slide.

After the left/right at the end of the straight you are immediately into a long left hander past the pit entry. You can go feral here and keep the throttle nailed to the floor and hold a slight oversteer slide all the way around, or you can slightly blend out of the throttle and keep the nose tucked in with less slippage, I think the latter is faster. It exits into a gentle (flat) right onto a very short straight leading to the last corner.

This last corner is (according to Eff One anyway) nearly flat-out! I take a short brake but am resolved to trying only a lift on Sunday. It leads onto the start/finish straight so a good exit is more important than piling in with loads of speed then needing to lift. With the pitwall viewers watching on, and people thinking about looking for their pit board and up at the race positions on the gantry, plus little run-off there are always incidents here.

Then repeat 118 times!
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Cheapskate Know-it-all

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2008 6:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Three Sisters is good. I used to marshal there, way back when.

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Giant wrote:
Blarno is right
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