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CAR mag
I've finally got round to reading the latest CAR mag - the one with the Golf Mk 7.5 on the front.

I'm disappointed by a few things.

The 'Giant Test' - Audi S5 and rivals - is missing the obvious competitor that's presumably also the market leader, as well as the new Lexus Coupe.
It's also only over 8 pages at least 50% of which is photos.

The article about the Golf GTI facelift has as many pages and while I tried to read it I had to give up after a while as it's clearly been written by VWs press dept - I looked in vain for the word 'Advertorial' but it's so gushing it can't be the product of someone independent.

The future Golf article has 12 pages for something that is presumably a concept.
I haven't read it though, I'm not interested in electic cars or hybrids yet.

I need to stop wasting my money, or at least have a browse before buying  
CAR mag
It was a rather thin read by their standards. The 4 series is getting LCIed fairly soon, so maybe that's why they didn't include it in the coupe test.
CAR mag
It wasn't the best edition, but April's is worth the sticker price alone for the interview with Albert Biermann - fascinating insight.
CAR mag
I bought the April one at the weekend but haven't opened it at all yet.
I hope it isn't full of Porsches  
CAR mag
Tim wrote:
I hope it isn't full of Porsches  

No, that's evo
CAR mag
Dr. Hfuhruhurr wrote:
Tim wrote:
I hope it isn't full of Porsches  

No, that's evo

Isn't there a letter in the latest EVO asking for an issue with no Porsches?
It wasn't from me.....
CAR mag
CAR mag
Haven't read Carrie years
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