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Big Blue


Nice, manual as well.
I especially like that interior and the car seems reasonably priced if it is in decent nick.
The latest Classic & Sportscar has a short review of one from a dealer, in the classifieds section, and that's going for over 32k I think  

Hmmm. I love 928's but I have a feeling that particular one will pretty dog-eared when viewed up close.

That bonnet must also flap around in the wind too.

You get what you pay for with these types of cars and that's in the bottom third, I think.
Humphrey The Pug

Love the carphone!!

I very much like the 928 however I prefer the updated/facelift version and there is just something about that one that says it may well look its age, that seat fabric is hiddeous too.

Are you suet that's being advertised by 4star cars? Did the leave a few numbers of their asking price by accident?
Nice Guy Eddie


Love everything about that. If all the mechanicals have been sorted as described then you'd have a really usable car.

Love the interior and all the 80's extras. You'd still end up spending another 10K on the body if you so wished but I quite like the scruffy look.

I think it has been up for months too, unless they had another one before.

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