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XFR - first 1500 miles and nice new brakes

I've done 1500 miles since 1 December. They've flown by. Literally in some cases. For as I've grown more used to the power, noise and holy shit batman feeling, it has all become quite intoxicating.  And yet very normal. I ration myself. I potter about sometimes, I drive normally at other times and then sometimes I go all sport, manual supercharged nutter bastard.

And for me that is what fast Jaaags are all about and what the XFR encapsulates. Effortless, comfortable, yet as fast as required. All with a sort of understated air of sophisticated menace.

And in case you're wondering, no I have not knackered the brakes already. Just before Christmas the brakes became very spongy and were pulling to the left a bit. I called the salesman and he said to bring the car in for them to have a look at. I left it for a couple of days. After which I had new pads and discs all round. Service were not happy with the disc wear, so saw replacing everything as the only solution. All FOC. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall at the meeting where service told sales that they had to stump up for new pads and discs out of their margin. Thank you the service manager.  

I've found the voodoo cruise really good. Yes, as alf said, it's a bit on or off on the braking, but you can switch it off to ease back the speed and then switch it back on again and unlike normal cruise, reasonable variations in the speed of the rest of the traffic does not mean constant messing about with the cruise. It makes for more relaxing motorway driving.  

Spec wise, the one added FG inside over the old XF was a heated steering wheel. Now that is nice on a cold morning. Plus I still marvel at the jet suede headlining. What a difference that makes.

Fuel wise, the OBC is showing 23 mpg. Not bad really. And Mrs PG has given it the deal of approval. It gets borrowed quite a bot for trips here and there.  

And as a loan car, sales gave me their XE 240PS petrol R Sport demonstrator for the two days. I must do a write up as I was very impressed with that. It was the same colour as pete's new XF. Dark grey, silver wheels, black interior.
Chip Butty

Very pleased you like the car and the customer experience via the approved used programme.

The alcantara headliners are lovely, the look, feel and smell is fantastic. I managed to wrangle a jet coloured one on my last XF , but the alcantara headliner is now a 1000 option on the new XF  

I'm not one for FG but it is important to get the spec of a car right.

Black headlining with pano roof/sunroof is by far the best combo.

Very good service from Jaguar.  

I really liked the Alcantara headlining on the Portfolio S I borrowed, but I would have to ban people from touching it, as it was covered in fingerprints and marks!

gonnabuildabuggy wrote:
Black headlining with pano roof/sunroof is by far the best combo.

It is indeed.
Twelfth Monkey

Result with the brakes, glad you're enjoying it.  The latter not a surprise!
Alf McQueef

That is a result, I found the Pagid pads surprisingly cheap but I expect the discs and pads from a main dealer are serious "ouch" territory - in fact I'd love to know the price and whether they are 12ths RS4 levels of ouch, or less.

When I got back in mine yesterday after the hire Disco it felt like a rocketship - and yet the ride and comfort, were just as good, and interior better than the brand new Disco. In fact swap out the touch screen and dash display for the new ones, and I prefer the interior in our cars to the new XF interior in some ways, the grey metal on the fascia, the metal buttons around the screen and gear selector, and alcantara are all very nice.

There is no FG on the car I would happily give up. Keyless entry - whatever dozy journalists (who drive off with the wrong keys when swapping cars, not something normal people do) say - is excellent and genuinely useful. The voodoo cruise is very handy given just a bit of help - approaching traffic I put the gap up to two or three blobs with my thumb, to help it slow more steadily, before readopting Audi mode (one blob distance).

It all just works, and I may yet just keen mine to intergalactic mileage, if those in the know suggest there are no nasty surprises. If I change it around 90k miles (which always seems a good time), a facelift XFR like yours would be one of the main contenders. It's an awesome car, enjoy it!!

Glad you are enjoying it. A true hooligan in a smart suit of a car.

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