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World Endurance Championship at Interlagos

It was going so well for Mark Webber in the WEC race at Interlagos until pit strategy shuffled him back behind the sister 14 Porsche and the Toyota's and Audi's.

Unfortunately Webber had a huge shunt towards the end of the race that resulted in the rear of the 919 Hybrid being turned 90 degrees compared to the rest of the chassis.

The incident happened in the turn 13/14 area of the track and that has always been an iffy area of the track, despite the grandstands were pushed back to create more run off and the installation of tech pro barriers a few years ago. Webber appeared to clash with the 90 Ferrari 458, that too slammed into the outside barrier but the replays didn't show how the contact was initiated.

Webber is thankfully okay but obviously went straight to the medical centre.

The race in general was superb; great tracks often produce great races regardless of the series, and today was no exception. There were great battles in all classes, in LMP1 in particular it wasn't clear who was going to take the overall honours until Webber's crash neutralised the race until the end.

Porsche ended up with their first victory with the 919 and with their Motorsport Division introducing a heavily updated car in 2015, Toyota committing to a 2015 WEC season, Audi's new car in 2015 and the return of Nissan, the 2015 season should be a fantastic season of WEC.
Big Blue

I saw Mark had been in an incident. Glad he was OK.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Big Blue wrote:
I saw Mark had been in an incident. Glad he was OK.

Ditto; was presented on the radio this morning as a "warning" to Button in case McLaren kick him out and he turns to sports cars

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