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Work on the house - Arrrrrrrh!

We were going to redo our en-suite which then extended to doing the en-suite and the bathroom at the same time since that was probably 20yrs old.

For a few months now, the house has been accumulating boxes as we saw things on sale or things we really liked and eventually we had a room full. All going well so far.

The plumbers took up the floor in the en-suite to connect up the shower tray and run a few new pipes and as workmen do, they stuffed some insulation in the hole they had cut but didn't put the floorboards back because in their words "the joiner should fix that". Well the joiner, a couple of days later, walks in to the en-suite, doesn't see the hole and ends up with most of his body hanging through the ceiling of the room below.

We had hours of clearing out the damaged room, cleaning all the plaster dust off everything and stacking the furniture in the kitchen and dining room. Cue the very helpful plasterer who came out at short notice and sheeted the damaged area and re-plastered the ceiling. Meanwhile we are climbing over bookcases trying to get pans out and are still finding plaster dust everywhere. I had to put new cornice up in the damaged room and a good bit of painting later, which was finished last night, the room is ready to take all the furniture back.

The ensuite was also finished yesterday morning and was ready to use this morning for the first time.

I had my shower (typical fairly short man shower), got dressed went down stairs to have breakfast and just to be sure checked the damaged room just to make sure everything was watertight. All appeared OK and I left for work.

I have just had a call from my wife who was having her half hour long female shower when she heard some noises. The long and short of it is the f******* plumber had cocked something else up and the newly plastered ceiling in the newly decorated room is now on the floor below together with more than a few gallons of water. Aaaaaaah!
Big Blue

Ouch. We had ours done last year and aside from the time taken and one valve upside down no disasters.

Sympathies with plumber issues: ours is old school but slow; a lot of modern plumbers are just push-fit lego builders.

I'm staying in the office. My wife is beyond fuming and has just phoned the plumber and given him a serious roasting. He is on his way round and I know from experience that my input and presence are not required or advisable until after she has shredded his arse and he has sorted it.
Twelfth Monkey

Eek.  Sounds like you have the right woman for the job, though!

Well I'm glad I'm not that plumber, I don't suspect he had an easy afternoon!

Sounds like the script from a '70s sitcom. I hope you get it sorted pronto.

That sounds like a massive ball ache.

I suspect he forgot to tighten something properly, I did that with the trap at the bottom of a new shower years ago although I only suffered a small leak fortunately.

A plumber my parents used to do their shower room, told them that showers in upstairs rooms in wooden floored houses are plumbers most hated and dreaded jobs. As you have found out throughout, the scope for disasters is large and very, very messy.  

The plumber was away by the time I got home and he had very sheepishly repaired and replaced the pipework under the shower, all the way to the waste downpipe. He wouldn't say exactly what it was other than a complete cock-up for which he took responsibility and would cover the cost of re-plastering the ceiling. I think it was just a case of him being in too much of a hurry and forgetting to  tighten the joints.

The plasterer isn't available for about 2 weeks so I might need to try to patch the ceiling so we can put some of the furniture and other things back in to the room. As if I wasn't busy enough.

Sunday was spent taking all the tiles off the bathroom which is next in line. Due to the glue used the plasterboard all had to come off as well, so my arms feel as though they have been given a serious workout. 30 rubble sacks filled, together with the old bath, toilet, sink unit etc etc which are all lying in the driveway waiting for the skip which should have been here last week as well.

Since we've lived in our house, quite handily, 50% of the people who have occupied the house next door have been plumbers, including the current one.  So far though, he's employed my services more than I've employed his.

My dad was a dab hand at plastering - just one of the many things (albeit a less import thing) I miss.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Grampa wrote:
...50% of the people who have occupied the house next door have been plumbers....

So long as it was the halves that had the eyes and hands, you should be OK.......
Frank Bullitt

It's a brave person who plasters a room below a bathroom until it is unequivocally complete.

A big part of my role over the years has been clerk-of-works and snagging (even de-snagging) projects and the appalling way in which many trades interact is shocking, poor workmanship which only a decent 'bodge' will overcome - obviously a lot of that is down to the site managers performance and their eye for detail - it's one reason why chippie's make the best site managers as they tend much of their lives working around everybody else's fuck-ups.

I use a local plumber at home (for obvious reasons not one I use at work) and he is excellent if not cheap.

If you want to see the interaction between trades at its best, get a suspended ceiling fixer and floor layer in the same room, pull up a pew, grab some popcorn and watch the sparks fly.

Frank Bullitt wrote:
A big part of my role over the years has been clerk-of-works and snagging (even de-snagging) projects and the appalling way in which many trades interact is shocking

I love the way all trades try to blame each other for the short comings - even just employing one handyman and one decorator for our flats is a nightmare - each moaning about the other, "you're two grown men, just work out between yourselves how you're going to work round each other!" - on the rare occasion my brother and I have the time, it's so much easier to do it ourselves.

We've had a hellish time trying to get an electrician, joiner and plumber for doing some work in our kitchen & utility.

Clearly the job is just too small for them to be bothered with although in the majority of cases nobody has got back to us to even find out what we want!

Apparently a skip, two electricians and a still sheepish plumber turned up today. Joiner tomorrow to re-sheet the bathroom and the tiler by the end of the week. I need to get more fees out!

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