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Big Blue

Will the day ever come....

....when they write a computer game that doesn't cheat?

I've played games since pong was introduced and it still fails to amaze me that code writers get some stupid kick out of writing their computer opponents a cheat. I play a game called Stick Tennis occasionally. I have played it a lot and won a lot of games but it never fails to make me fluff a shot when it feels like winning a game. I've hit tens of thousands of shots and know the timing of them but no, the opponent (today it's Virginia Wade) gets points because I've suddenly hit it with what I can only assume is the frame.

So what games have cheated you lately?

Football Manager. I never win.


Playing golf on the Wii.
It would occasionally throw in a random hook or slice.

FIFA. The Colorado team instantly started playing like Barcelona and normally my Red Bulls team hold their own on the pitch. Every pass was cut out, every attempted shot was stifled and their players were just running past mine like they weren't there.

I just play Dota. :)

Deer Hunter 2014 on the iPad. In region 7 if you let the hyenas attack the gun has no effect and they kill you despite several shots directly at them. I just kill them before they get to me now!
Big Blue

More cheating stories:

I now play a game of Backgammon on the iPhone. Difficulty levels mean that "Hard" = "Computer cheats more". It doesn't play backgammon any harder (maybe attacks your singles more) but when it requests a double-score for the game and you accept the next throw it gets is a high-value double (4, 5 or 6); when you have a clear lead in casting off in the end game it throws doubles until it narrows your lead and then you only throw threes (i.e. 2 and 1). My iPhone is lucky to remain in one piece.

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