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Why dogs bite...

An ex of mine once dressed her Chihuahua up and he looked thoroughly humiliated, dejected and depressed.

Reasons to kill...


Im not one for the 'humanification' of animals at all.  Though most of the time they think its a game and don't mind, when you are asking them to sit still for photo's its starts to go a bit far.  I put hats and stuff on tess while she is alseep.

and for that you may die in your sleep!    

The McDonald's one had me cackling like Hallowe'en come early.

Big TC

I love the superman whippet, and the pugs as hotdogs!

Utterly strange thing to do, however, and I do feel a bit dirty when i laugh at them.
Humphrey The Pug

Tina's cousin has a whole bin bag full of clothes for her sausage dog thing.

We were round once and she was showing us, all seriously, I was just ripping the piss and she couldn't see the problem, the poor dog looked mortified when dressed up and tried to hide.

I'll put bunny ears on Humphrey at Easter and reindeer antlers on him at Christmas but only as a laugh, nothing serious, dressing up your dog or cat is seriously weird.

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