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What were we saying about BMW 5 Series Depreciation?

The discussion was around what a 530d M Sport might be worth in 4 yrs (16,500 balloon payment).

Not the same model and leggier but only 2.5 yrs old - 18,350 from a main dealer.

OK, it's done double the mileage of most cars that age in theory (though I suspect most new cars sold will be similarly miled company motors).

Any ideas on what that would have actually cost new?

List price with options, about 37.5-38k and they were offering a 15% discount on the 4 cylinder cars at that time, so somewhere in the region of 32k.

There were bigger discounts on the 6 cylinder cars, I got 22% off mine which was good at the time.

Edit: downloaded the 2014 price list and it was 36,700, so 31,200'after discount.

Thanks, given it's for sale at a main dealer I'm guessing around 50% depreciation in 30 months.

That would work out at circa 500 per month. I'm guessing (again) that's greater than what it would have cost to lease, even with that mileage on it.

Oddly I got a "Thanks for your email, we'll be in touch" spam email from Wollaston earlier this week and also a missed call yesterday.

I keep getting tempted by the deals then I see losses of circa 6000p.a. on a car and I can't rationalise it (given I don't need a 100% reliable car for pounding the motorways every day).

You can get 5.5% off the new 5 series already, so a 540i in the spec I'd want without going mad is 61,500.  That's going to make a 540d (saloon) more than 15,000 more than I paid for mine.  I think I'll wait for a while.

Interesting - https://www.bmwbusinesspartnershi...ers/bmw-535d-m-sport-saloon-auto/

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