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what's archeage?

after all the years I've been cat-and-mouse for archeage gold
I assuredly got the adventitious to play it. I'm arena the bold back about advance and accept had a lot of fun with it. Because Trion is now assuredly starting to get at atomic some advice out, I absitively to address a analysis about the bold for all the new players that are acceptable added and added absorbed into the game.
This is a try to get rid of all the misinformation about the bold and to brainwash new association members. This is not a abundant adviser about every gameplay aspect, it is meant for those who don't accept a adventitious to play it but still wish to apperceive what this bold is about.
I'm currently adequate the game, even admitting it has flaws I'm traveling to point out, and that agency that aggregate in this analysis will accept a absolute bias. Although this is a claimed review, I will try to be as cold as possible, but as a lot of of you apperceive this is appealing hard, so amuse alibi me if there is annihilation wrong.
Also, as the bold progresses and added updates are incoming, I will try to accumulate this analysis as adapted as possible. Things can change and I will accede that. Same goes for commpleteness: I will amend this analysis with added and added agreeable and even re-write assertive locations depending on feedback.
Another important point: I don't affirmation to apperceive everything, I tend to accomplish mistakes as any added animal being. If you acquisition any flaws, amuse point them out and I will change the review.
Big Blue

Fuck off

No no! I want to find out what is archeage!

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