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What about this?

My brother in law wants a change from BMW so he's thinking of one of these (or possibly this very one except the ad has just changed this very minute to say deposit taken!).

Any thoughts?

I see there's no mention of mileage in the ad.
Big Blue

They're a nice place to sit. Not sure about the ride, though.

Intriguing but I suspect not the last word in dynamic sophistication.

Last year I saw an utterly pristine dark green saloon of the previous generation with wide arches, circa 2000 vintage, on the M1 near Watford. It was being driven by a white-haired chap who had probably owned it from new, I thought.

It's a slight departure from his usual desire to get into an E39 M5 although they do have 4 doors, being V8 and German in common.

It would certainly be a step up from his current 320Ci which has been living at our house and is a bit of a shed.

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