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As per the title.

Due to the announcement above and the uncertainty as to what is going to happen to this forum, I have set up a new forum. Everybody is welcome to join up and continue the community we have had here in a new location.

I have set up our own domain which will make it a lot easier.

We can be found at

Sadly, the forum archives can't be imported. Old topics OPs can be imported if desired by copy and paste.

As someone said, left turn at hammerhead and see you on the other side.


It now says above that crowd funding can save the forums?

They want 10k. They have 300 so far.
Big Blue

Crowd funding could buy me a BMW i8 but I doubt it'll actually come to fruition
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Are you hoping for an Alpina version in the near future ?

I just wanted...
Humphrey The Pug

Same here


What's up?
Chris M Wanted a V-10

We've moved as this place is about to go to the great car scrapheap in the clouds.......

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