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Way back when...August 1994

A very exciting issue this, filled with fast cars and really top notch stuff. Indeed, as the editor stated in his notes, 8 of the 9 cars featured can crack at least 210km/h, with at least 6 capable of speeds in excess of 250km/h.

On the cover is a striking red Honda NSX, with the headline inside of Banzai!. Certainly eye-catching.

Features the Audi A6, and also talks about the upcoming Renault 19 replacement ("it will have a name instead of a number"), with a sketch that looks remarkably like the Scenic:

Also says that VW are planning a similar vehicle based on the Golf. We know how long that took...

European Hotline
The Seat Cordoba is featured. Mainly praised for its big boot, decent performance, high quality and good ride. But the dumpy rear end didn't go down well. I liked it though.  

There is an article about side airbags, with BMW, Mercedes and Volvo all testing systems for side impact protection. It mentions that airbags will become mandatory in all cars in the future, and while front airbags are commonplace now, side airbags, as predicted 14 years ago, aren't all that common, although they are increasing in popularity.

The E38 BMW 7 Series is also featured, and while it has an 'evolutionary look' that doesn't seem too different from it's predecessor, or the rest of the Beemer range, it is a mighty fine car indeed.

Another car previewed is the Audi RS2. Looking like just a normal Audi 80 Avant, this Porsche-tuned estate is the daddy of all fast estates at the time. They didn't knew it then, but this car certainly sparked an era of performance Audis.

Finally, an interesting prototype from Italdesign, the Lexus Landau. Basically a large hatchback based on the GS300, powered by the LS400's 4.0 V8, it was touted as the future of luxury cars. Well, luxury hatchbacks certainly did not take off, and I reckon the only cars now closest in concept to the Landau are the Fiat Croma and Renault Vel Satis.

Mitsubishi's Lancer GTi, basically a lesser Evo, is featured. Its competitiors then were the Honda Civic VTi and the Mazda 323F 1.8 (that my Dad once owned). While the Honda wiped the floor with the other two in terms of sales (mainly because it was much cheaper), I personally feel that the Mazda probably was the most fun. I could be biased of course.   Still, the Lancer was seriously quick, and certainly not to be taken lightly.

The other car in Roadnotes is the Toyota Corona, or Carina to you folks. Pretty dull, with nothing much to write home about. Still, being a Toyota, it was immensely popular.

Now the good stuff begins. We start with the cover story of the Honda NSX, with the aforementioned heading of Banzai!. A definite head turner, it certainly was something special. Unfortunately, it speaks about the aluminium body and how costly it was for Honda to make it. Well, it did last for quite a good long time, and for the better too, as the report summarises the NSX as "one of the best supercars ever made".

Next up is the Porsche 911 Carrera. You may remember it being featured last time (January 1994), but this was the exclusive first Singapore drive. More of the same actually, with the same conclusion of it being typical 911, fun but challenging.

The BMW 850Ci is driven in Germany. With BMW themselves calling it a failure, the magazine seeks to find out whether it was, or whether there are actually some good points to it. Turns out that it makes for an excellent Autobahn stormer, feeling at home at over 250km/h while quietly moving it's occupants along in luxurious comfort. A true Grand Tourer if you will.

Our last supercar featured is the Lexus SC400, otherwise known as the Toyota Soarer. Before the awful roadster, the SC400 was a sleek, curvy coupe filled with luxury and technology, with Lexus' trademark silence and supple ride, and of course, top-notch quality.

The Cannonball Run was held in Northern Territory, Australia. All sorts of cars took part, including a rare Maserati Barchetta. Sadly, a Ferrari F40 crashed, killing 4 people and putting the event's future in doubt. The winner drove a Porsche 911.

Monaco Grand Prix 94 was the first race after Ayrton Senna's death, as the F1 community tried to pick up the pieces. Michael Schumacher recorded his 4th straight win amid a sombre atmosphere.

Next up, the Spanish Grand Prix 94. Damon Hill taking the win and dedicating it to Senna, in the process breaking Schumacher's dominance of the season, who finished second.

Subaru announced the arrival of their Impreza rally car when Carlos Sainz took top honours in the Acropolis Rally 94. The win makes them favourites for the title based on the Impreza's solid performance.

"The Saab 9000 will put to rest some traditionally held beliefs about cars." Saab claims to bust the sterotypes people held of cars, with their 'efficient Ecopower engine, indulgent comfort', and the usual Swedish strongpoint, safety.

Not very popular it seems...

Cheer up BeN - I found it interesting. Although I'll read anything to do with the NSX. What a car!

Indeed. I soooo want one.

Twelfth Monkey

Come on Ben, use it or lose it!

Can you scan the NSX article in full?

Wow, this is old....

I don't have a scanner, but I'll see what I can do.

I'm actually thinking of reviving this section with old Autocar mags really. Watch this space.
Twelfth Monkey

I think you'd be better off scanning the better articles (if you can gain access to one), rather than doing a summary of the magazines as a whole.


I guess the best I can do is take pictures.

...or copy it out in your best handwriting?

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