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Andy C

Waddington Airshow 2014

£24. twenty four quid for what I heard and saw today. What a bargain

Flying displays started at 10.30, and due to being at a Happy Mondays gig last night, I didn't get up until 9. A nice blast up the A46 and 1hr 30mins later I was in the car park. I asked the guy on the gate what I'd missed. Highlight of what he said being the Eurofighter*. †Fuck.

After a greasy burger and a bottle of fizzy pop to shake the hangover off, I started what would be what felt like tens of miles of walking. There was a classic car display, with various classic clubs. BMW were also there, with a 320d, M235i, 435d and i3. †With so much to see aircraft wise, apart from the i3, I didn't really pay much attention to the cars.

Static displays were vast including a Eurofighter, Tornado etc

Whats different (for the better) compared to Cosford, is that most planes took off and landed on site, rather than flying in, doing a display, and flying away again. This gave great opportunity for some HD videos on my new camera. †The Vulcan sounds great , we all know what, but to be standing only a few hundred meters from the point in which it rotates into a nigh on vertical climb and full throttle is a sound and feeling I will never ever forget

*Around 1pm, the Battle of britain display took place, with 2 spitfires and the lancaster. †The Eurofighter made another apppearance to fly with them, and once they'd gone, it stayed to thankfully do another solo display:

Also doing a display was a Swiss F18, and a Turk F16:

The Red Arrows, as always, were great

The new camera seemed up to the task. The 39 pojnt autofocus is really impressive, and is the HD video facility.

The show isn't on next year due to building a new runway, but if you want a great day out, for not much money then Waddington 2016 is a must.
Frank Bullitt

We went yesterday and it appears to have been much busier looking at the pictures we were a mile away at 9am but still only got through the gate at 11.

Like you say, the take off and landing that the show has makes a huge difference, the one that varied was the red arrows doing a small sequence then going to display over some cycles in Yorkshire then coming back. I've wanted to see the Vulcan fly for years but for one reason or another it's simply never happened - that wrong was writes yesterday and we say in the yellow car park to watch, it was mesmerising and I will never forget the experience.

The biggest surprises of the day were the Chinook which is a bloody incredible thing, appearing to be bus- like with Elise dynamics, I couldn't take my eyes off it, and the Lynx which seems so agile for an old airframe. But the Vulcan nailed it for me, a total joy.

Edit; I'm not a spotter do don't know all the planes but the jet after the Vulcan in your sequence (which flew before it yesterday) was bloody incredibly and as it did a vertical climb at full throttle set every car alarm off in the car park!
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Great photos; I'm looking forward to Farnborough later this month but doubt that I'll be paying the £45 admission charge. If it's dry, I'll have to find a good local vantage point

Nice pics Andy, that looks like an awesome display. The Vulcan is an incredible aircraft, you're lucky to have witnessed it fly.
Andy C

edit - I've re uploaded them in a bigger size as when I looked on my ipad, the quality wasnt great.

Excellent pics Andy! The Vulcan really is something very special and I'm glad I have seen it fly several times over the years.

I keep meaning to get to a decent airshow with Evan.

Yes, really good pictures.  I've not been to an airshow for years, what's usually the best one to go to?
Bob Sacamano

Did you see the Turkish F16 come in to land?
Frank Bullitt

Bob Sacamano wrote:
Did you see the Turkish F16 come in to land?

That was Saturday when we were there but were at the other end of the runway.  That was the plane I didn't recognise but it was incredibly loud to say the least, bloody agile, mind.  I think the pilot was enjoying him or herself!
Andy C

Apart from the Vulcan , it was the f18 that impressed me the most :

I've seen a euro fighter clip coming in about as low as that too. I bet it's great to stand there , and it's free !

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