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Volkswagen Budd-e
Humphrey The Pug

I like that but we all know that whatever is released won't look anything like it.
Bob Sacamano

Doubles as a snowplough I'm assuming.

Apart from the front that looks really good.

But the cynic (or is that realist) in me says the production version will look more like a T5 transporter with seats and the modern interior will be most certainly not present.

That name.

There's a lot I like about it but the head-on pic at the top of this thread seems to be a rather unfortunate angle.

I agree with Blarno about the name, but daft names seem to be coming more and more fashionable.

There's very little about it that says VW (other than the jumbo badge), let alone the vans it's supposed to hark back to. From some angles it could be a Range Rover concept: headlight graphic, clamshell bonnnet, horizontal swage line, floating roof.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Blarno wrote:
That name.

Perhaps Bud-d-e-feat (device) would be better or more appropriate?

Maybe it's supposed to be a take on Bulli which I think is what one of the "modern" microbus concepts was named a few years back

I thought the whole point of the new microbes being electric would mean it wouldnt need an engine bay and therefore similar proportions of the originals? I much prefer the 2000 concept. This is just another minivan.

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