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Twelfth Monkey

Virgin mobile over wifi.

Anyone have any ideas how I might use my Virgin mobile over wifi?  I have no signal where I am, apart from at the top of the garden - not much use for incoming,  Do have wifi though, against expectation.  Any idea how I might use the latter to receive calls?

I know Virgin used to have something called Smartcall for this purpose, but that seems to have been discontinued.

(I know it's easy to tether other devices to the phone, but the other way around seems more complex.)
Chris M Wanted a V-10

I've been a VM customer since about 2000-2001.  Not aware of anything that will enable a call by wi-fi when there is poor signal - used to suffer from this at my current employer's old site before we moved last year, and had a second mobile on Vodafone PAYG as a consequence as they were the only mobile provider who had signal in that area - and even then, that wasn't all the time.

Have you checked the coverage map - is this a temporary outage or is there permanently no signal where you are?

do you have an iPhone? You can make FaceTime non face calls if you do!

Change providers...??
Twelfth Monkey

Very helpful.

Nope, it's an LG.  I've been with Virgin since I first bought a mobile and it's the first time I've had this issue.  And we're about 100m from the coast, on a downslope and in an area largely sheltered from the outside world.  A quick Google suggests that it appears to be Orange or nothing here.

I'll lump it, and would probably actually enjoy the idea if it wasn't for recent events.

Skype surely ?

Allows you to make calls over wifi,not sure about receiving though.
Bryan M

and get an Orange PAYG for emergencies but with Orange being EE with T Mobile and Virgin phone being provided by EE check your phone settings as the signal should be the same regardless of Orange or Virgin - I know mine hunts for 4G first rather than just voice etc but can be set lower ie favours 2G voice calls
Humphrey The Pug

You can make calls through What's App too.

If you have or register for a google account, you can use google hangouts as a voice (or video) calling system over wifi. People can send you a request to speak and you either accept that or of you miss it, you can get the straight back.

What'sApp or Skype?

Twelfth Monkey wrote:
Very helpful.

No need for the sarcarsm, it was not clear from the original post that you weren't at home, were it?

Don't suppose you're in south Devon? We went there a couple of years back and had to drive to Plymouth to get a signal!
Twelfth Monkey

I'd 'oped it weremeren't from moy post abo-ut moy ol mah doying an all...

I don't read everything you write, but I'm guessing from my sketchy translation that you're at Mr 11th's place?

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