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Big Blue

Two wheels good

To those interested the Senior TT was won by a 43 year-old man from Morecombe. The 7th time he's won the Senior, his 23rd TT win.  This is him:

As you can see he has the word "legend" on his leathers. He is. I remember a couple of years ago a load of Japanese fans interviewed on the Island about what made them come across the world to a windswept rock in the Irish Sea "We come to see Big John" they said.

Meanwhile, as you watch a load of drivers from around the world grind out a result after a day of driving carefully at high speed, bear in mind that this morning in Spain this young man defends his 46 point lead in the moto3 championship.

That's Danny Kent, another English rider who has already won 2 races this season in unprecedented manner in the tiddler class by just riding off into the distance. He is also on a path to legendary status.

Enjoy your Motorsport guys. All of it.

And don't forget that "Big John" not only won his SEVENTH Senior TT, which is an amazing achievement in itself, (SEVEN, folks!!)  he did it after a "Nothing" week by his standards (TT Zero win notwithstanding) and set a new outright lap record into the bargain!!

Big Blue

Yes, the Internet went wild when he broke the Senior lap record from a standing start on lap 1. When they showed him backing the bike into turns on lap 2 you knew Mr 99% had reserved something special for 'his' race. He also took Anstey's tyre choice from the Superbike race the previous Saturday. Top planning all round.

Great stuff. I must get to the TT before H&S inevitably make it totally safe or ban it. I watched the documentary film Road the other day, I knew the Dunlops were legends, but didn't know the story. Inspiring, compelling, amazing and distressing. A far superior film to Closer to the Edge.
Frank Bullitt

All done in less than two hours? No night riding? Pah, childs play

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