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Dr. Hfuhruhurr

Triple Fiesta

Had one of these as a hire car over Christmas and New Year. After some digging on various websites, I deduced it was a 1.0 Zetec EcoBoost, hence the 100 PS version of the turbo triple. Lovely thing to drive, nippy in a way that reminded me of the old 1.25 four. Returned 40 mpg on a 300 mile motorway thrash too. The expression "all the car you'd ever need" springs to mind.

Glad of the heated windscreen too ...

They are great with with 1.0 3 cylinder motor.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Indeed they are

.... but only 40mpg???
Andy C

Agree . 9 years old and still best in class

The introduction of those 1.0 turbos a few years ago made them even sweeter
Twelfth Monkey

Never driven one, but no reason to doubt the plaudits.  A good-looking car, too.  Perhaps not all the car you'll ever want, but perhaps that's being uncharitable.

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