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Alf McQueef

Think it needs a clean!

This was the joy of yesterday's first meeting, I had to drive to the back of a big yard, all like this, then get out and walk across to the "office".... Think I need boots in the car! I was in a suit... Liquid mud went up to the insides of the wheels, car is a total tip but I'm about to go to Barcelona for a couple of days with work so its not going to improve quickly! Driving in some heavy rain would be a start, but its dry  


It's only mud, gives it character!

I've not washed my car since August, although I did have to clean the headlights off yesterday so I could see where I'm going.

What you need is some of this, a suitable lance bottle and a pressure washer. Use it everywhere including under the arches and the wheels. It's not as good as a proper wash but it does 90% of the job in 10 minutes.

EDIT: I hate those kinds of visit as well. A suit, nice shoes and no matter what you do, you wreck the shoes and get mud on your carpets!

I hope they will place a huge order!

Similar to Johns suggestion, but I've moved off snow foam/lance onto snow foam (Bilt Hamber Auto Foam) through a hand pump sprayer, which is quicker/easier and the results are just as good.  The 535d was filthy and I got it looking 90%+ clean in about 30mins which included getting everything out and tidying up afterwards.  In the winter, there isn't much point in spending any longer cleaning the car, as it gets dirty as soon as you leave the drive.

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