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Twelfth Monkey

The Prof.

Not Prost, Sid Watkins.  Absolutely fascinating to read, and one of those books that you know a few pages in is going to be over all too quickly.  Contains stuff about drivers and circuits as well as the history of his involvement in the safety side.  Also does a good job of fleshing out Balestre (so he isn't an just an arrogant martinet), and of revealing why Ecclestone has survived so long in his position, namely that there is a real person in there.  Highly recommended:

Sounds good. That will be in pole position when my daughter asks what I want for Christmas.

(Sorry!   )
Frank Bullitt

Looks like a good read, I will have to get a copy. There was an article a few years back in (I think) CAR with 'those who know Bernie' which was fascinating and he came across much better than the perception we all tend to have, a driven enthusiast who quickly learned you needed to make a stick look like a carrot to get the rabbling agenda's together.

Got that when it was first released. Fascinating book, especially when you realise how small the prof's working world was.

I find Amazon's marketplace is excellent value for getting hardbacks you missed:
Big Blue

I've read both Watkins' books on F1 when they were published ; he's a bit too "Senna this " and "Senna that" in places but they are very readable books.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

In French, "professeur" means "teacher".
I have wondered for many years if Prost was supposed to be "The teacher" rather than "The professor", but it got lost in the translation

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