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The mighty Getz meets Topaz.

I've been playing with Topaz adjust, I might buy it. Anyway, here are some shots Topaz-ed using the presets only...

Crazy, dude. If anyone is interested you can download a 30 day trial after which it self destructs... I'm trialing Adjust and De-Noise and you can buy a pack of everything they do for a reasonable price. Enjoy  
woof woof


Is Topaz a set of plugins for Photoshop rather than a standalone product?

EDIT: I should have just looked at their website!!
woof woof

I'll have to look at their website as I don't actually know    

I'm still looking at Adjust and DeNoise and I'm using them as plugins to CS5 but at the mo I have no idea if they'll work as stand alone packages... I'll have to look.

I think that this oversaturated / over fiddled with look can work for some shots and I think that some car shots can look quite striking but I don't think that I'd ever use it a lot.
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After a quick look at their site... I think they're just plugins.

I'm not too impressed with DeNoise. It looks like it has more sliders and that it's more targetable than CS5 but so far the results don't look as good IMVHO.

Dunno if I'll buy it yet.
canadian bacon

someone did this to my car (turns out it was in summer, but the photographer left a CD in my car as I parked outside his house again last week.

woof woof

Good stuff.

I think Topaz or the Topaz look probably works best with cars and some other objects than with landscape or people.

I still haven't made my mind up if I want to pay for it or not.

Lightroom 4 is where it's at for targetted noise reduction. In fact just for noise reduction in general Lightroom has been stunning.

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