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The latest thing from Sony...

Just in case anyone is interested...

Sony have announced their Alpha A7 and A7R.

These are mirrorless cameras and are smaller than most existing 35mm and even APS-C DSLR auto focus cameras.

Some time ago Sony launched their RX1 which is a 35mm digital camera but with a fixed lens. These new Ax cameras have interchangeable lenses and the only "full frame" cameras which are near the size of them are Leica's but they are manual focus rangefinders.

Anyway, they look nice and I may treat myself to one once they hit the shops. I may go for the A7 rather than the A7R and if I do I'll probably use it with my manual Minolta Rokkor lenses.

Read all about it...
woof woof

I've just bought a Sony A7 and I'm very impressed, it's the best camera I've ever owned, better than my 5D, and it has some great features such as focus peaking and zebra which will make senses to fellow camera geeks.
woof woof

I've used the A7 for a while now and it's the best camera I've ever owned.

It's quite compact and light and really just about the same size and weight as my Panasonic G1 Micro Four Thirds camera and yet the Sony A7 is "Full Frame" and gives the image quality of the best big fat heavy full frame DSLR's.

I use mine with old manual lenses that can be bought for anything between 15 and 200 and I'm very happy with the results. The only real issue I can see is that there aren't many dedicated lenses for the camera at the moment and some of the ones that are available are quite expensive - but also very good. I do expect the availability of lenses to improve improve in time and the price of the actual camera body is good compared to the competition.

All in all, if anyone is thinking about treating themselves to a new camera I think that the Sony A7 (and A7r) are worth a look as they give cutting edge image quality in a compact and light package. Performance in low light is especially stunning.

Toby... taken with a lens that cost 15.

Boats... taken with two lenses, one costing 15 and the other 28.

Humphrey The Pug

Nice shots Alan.
woof woof

Thank you.

I really like these old lenses and they're cheap   You can get a 28mm f2.8, 50mm f1.8, 135mm f3.5 and adapter all for under 75. Add a macro and you could say that that's all anyone would want  

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