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The aftermath of a crash

Driving to see some friends last night and we came across the aftermath of a crash.
Apparently there was an altercation about a mile down the road and some guy tore down a 3 lane carriage way in his pickup truck in an attempt to get away from the police.
He hit a number of cars on the way including taking the front off a Jeep Cherokee, and ended up in a field about 50 yards away, upside down.
The driver was killed and apparently nobody else was injured.
Eye witnesses say he was doing about 90mph at the time.
Considering, the distance the truck travelled and that it went over a fence, I'd well believe it.
Knowing the road, I'm thankful nobody else was hurt.

Big Blue

Had to look twice there: forgot you live out West.

Big one: he certainly went out with a bang.

Glad nobody else was involved.

How do you find the driving out there?

Roadsterstu wrote:
Glad nobody else was involved.

How do you find the driving out there?

I hang around with a lot of Europeans who are great drivers.
Californians are terrible drivers.

I was going to work this week and was the 3rd car on the road. The 1st car pulled in, the second overtook him and I was about to do the same when the 1st car did a U turn in front of me. No indicators, no mirrors, nothing.
I beeped him and he looked at me as if to ask what was wrong!

The DMV is the biggest joke. I'm still waiting for my permit (I need a local licence now) and I applied for it in December.
They had to send it away to verify my date of birth.
I'd only given them my passport, birth cert, visa, social security details and my I94 form as proof...

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