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Thar she blows!

Some folks here may have heard of the Sighthill multi-storey flats at Fountainwell Road in Glasgow. There was a documentary about the demolition of the first two of the eight blocks last year, and I think the TV crews were there gain last night  - well, this morning (02:30!!!)

Anyway - I had planned to go along with Darth to try and get some piccies, then when he went sick, Helen was going to come along to video it. So, in the end, no Helen, no video - just me and my trusty D80.

The pictures......

The multi's in question from Lidl's car-park at St Rollox.

.... and from my ultimate viewpoint near were I work!


Eventually, at approximately 02:38, the klaxon sounded for about 15 seconds or so, then.....

....... block one was no more.

Number two started to go....

.... and then ...... the fucking camera "locked up"!!!

I think what happened was, I was hitting the shutter release so rapidly, the camera couldn't write to the card quick enough to keep up ~ either that or my hands were so cold I couldn't actually feel if I was pressing the shutter release or not!!

Anyway, after two & three came down, mucho dust ensued...

....before clearing away fairly swiftly....

Had to take Rebecca into her school this morning, so handy for taking some "after" shots....

... closer.....

Lastly, an example of the dust the locals will have to put up with for a while.


So, that's that then. There are three more blocks to come down here in the next year or so, plus others at Petershill Road in Springburn. Can't wait for them to go - hate them so much!!    

There are loads more pics plus some videos here, some of which are quite good.

Right, off to walk the dogs then have a few beers!!  
Big TC

Looks like a 'plane flew into them.....

I find it amazing they can do it with such precision.  Its even more impressive when its a chimney or something.

Do you think they could 'accidentally' raze Stoke On Trent to the ground for me?

What if I paid them 24p and some Skittles?

I noticed that one of the blocks at Wester Hailes in Edinbugger has had all its windows removed - presumably in anticipation of being demolished.
Chocy Rocky

Great pics Boxer. I am also a hater of these big housing schemes. Who thought it was a good idea in the first place? Let's blaim the Tories.

TimR wrote:
I noticed that one of the blocks at Wester Hailes in Edinbugger has had all its windows removed - presumably in anticipation of being demolished.

I think you'll find they at at Sighthill in Edinburgh and a couple of the blocks are already gone but what you have done is let me know that the Edinburgh border control are not doing their job correctly.

I slipped through the net on Wednesday as well.

Of course all I have to do is shake my hair and smile.

Being Edinbuggers the border guards are too stupid to spot a man with long hair

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