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Racing Teatray

Test trip - Evoque

Never much taken to the Evoque, but they seem to be as popular here in Sao Paulo as in any other major cosmopolitan city. Plenty kicking around and so, when last night, my colleague picked us up at our hotel to drive us out to a wedding in the countryside near Campinhos, it wasn't enormously surprising to see our steed for the evening was a dark blue Evoque Si4 with a beige/brown interior.

Normally I get car-sick pretty quickly as a back-seat passenger and especially when the driver appears keen to prove that Ayrton Senna was not a one-off. However, I was so comfortable and un-nauseous in the rear of the Evoque that one the way back I fell sound asleep. Definitely a great interior and good body control.

Ok, Brazilian roads are not great and the car seemed to be rocking larger alloys, but the ride wasn't great - definitely not the pillowy experience of its bigger brethren. However, as mentioned if the trade off is good body control and handling, then maybe that's ok.

I'm starting to see the appeal, particularly somewhere where SUVs make sense.

They appeal to me, though they aren't as big as I'd want for a normal main family car.

The rear seats are mounted higher than the fronts to give rear passengers better visibiliy which might have helped your car sickness.

Great interior too if spec'd right.

i'd like one but not 20K want. Maybe a nice car for Mrs. GBB when they get down to 10K.

Re: Test trip - Evoque

Racing Teatray wrote:
....Evoque Si4....

I'm starting to see the appeal, particularly somewhere where SUVs make sense.

An Si4 would be my choice of Evoque in the UK. I can't see it being that much worse on fuel than the diesel in the real world and I think would make it a whole different package.

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