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Big Blue

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson


I wonder if her flat is vacant?

Just seen a recent photo. Talk about a hard paper round. †

Brain tumour is pretty shit way to go.
Bob Sacamano

I feel guilty now that I can never remember her name and just refer to her as Tara Palmer-Halfwit. Sad way to go.

I would've assumed it would be substance related when she went.
Sad way to go.

Just remembered this.

I remember reading it at the time and not being particularly surprised.

45's no age at all to go is it? She blazed he trail of being famous for being famous, where others far less worthy have followed. For men of my age she was always good posh totty.
Twelfth Monkey

45 really is no age at all, but the cynic in me thinks it's no great loss in comparison with most of the famous deaths that tend to get remarked upon here.

She wrote this in 1996: Ďa broad with a broad mindí
Humphrey The Pug

TBH when I heard, I wasn't overly surprised given her history, I know she was recently diagnosed with a tumour too, however I wouldn't be surprised to hear that her past excesses contributed greatly to her demise.

I always had a soft spot for her, she always came across as someone who didn't take herself too seriously and looked to be great fun and the sort of girl you could go out on the piss with and have a good time.

With the ravages of excessive drug taking she lost her looks though and she really started to look old beyond her years, the last picture I saw of her, her nose had obviously succumbed to too much of the white powder.

It does look like we need a dedicated despatch thread.

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