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T5 gearbox

Serviced at VW last summer and done about 5k since, 116k in total, 2010 plate.  Noticed before Christmas the gearbox was feeling a bit notchy after a short period of being parked up, particularly 2nd to third being a lottery.  Put this down to being used to other car boxes and it largely eased up.

After 3 months of no use over winter it was almost totally seized and thus  unusable today but loosened up just enough to drive. The main issue is going from neutral to any gear and several are pretty hit and miss to engage.

So what is the possible issue and many Alfs is this going to cost me?  

Sounds like a cable operated shift that has seized up.  A cheap fix if you can find someone who knows to to lubricate the cables and mechanism providing it is straightforward to get to.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Ed China should be able to fix it for 50p.......
Thomas Magman

Could you not pull the gaiter up and see if you give the linkages a lube with a spray. I'd try that first and work it around see if it improves. If it was fine when you put it to bed I wouldn't have thought it would be anything like bushes gone etc

I'd suggest cables/linkages too. The gear change on the (other kind of) T5 has become a little less accurate and apparently the cables have some adjustment which can tidy it all up.

Cheers Gents, i'll give that a go next week.

Had a quick look and convinced it's the knuckle and ball joint which controls right to left movement. If some gt85 doesn't help I presume their must be some simple kit available.

The VW kit will be simple, consisting of only one part. A gearbox.

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