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Chris M Wanted a V-10

Swim the Big Blue

Nothing to do with one of us, but some brave soul (as distinct from sole, or shark, or cod) has decided to swim across the Atlantic

I wish him luck.......
Twelfth Monkey

He's wearing a Shark Shield, apparently...

Good luck to the guy - that's a hell of an undertaking.
Big Blue

Pah! He's chosen a piss easy route. Tell me when he does Lisbon to Miami.

He's going to spend more time on the boat than swimming. Wuss!

I have 2 words, and they are:


That's not really my idea of fun. A great achievement if he does it but it must be costing a fortune.

Fuckin' hell!

Nutter. I hate swimming in any case.

Well, good luck to him. Something like this scares the hell out of me. The oceans are full of unknowns.
Bob Sacamano

Noble attempt but I really can't see it being successful. The toll on his body, not to mention the mental exhaustion, during the attempt will not be easy to replicate in training.

I think you'd have to be slightly unhinged to attempt that. Good luck to him. I think he might need it.

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