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Big Blue

Summer Car rental Part 2

OK, back from 35 unbroken sunshine to er.... pissing rain and sub 20 shiteness with my bathrooms still not completed: partly my fault due to a part not ordered but my plumber is slower than a slow thing that is moving slowly.

So my part 2 hire car: quite fitting given the Kadjar thread. I had a second Gen QashQai.

I said of the first gen I had a couple of years ago for our run to Croatia that is was close to the ideal family car and guess what: this one is no different in that respect. Well finished, stack loads of kit in the one we had (in fact I don't think it lacked anything the A6 had) including sat nav, dual zone air con, USB connectivity, Bluetooth for phone, cruise control yadda yadda yadda. It even had tyre pressure monitoring, which I took no notice of as it looked like all pressures were wrong:

How did it drive? Fine. No excessive roll, went where I pointed it at normal speeds, sat at 150kph+ with no issues, engine note not intrusive, rode the hideous unmade road up to S-i-L's mountain cottage in Czech Rep. (that I made clear my Alpina will never ever be subjected to!) without any issues aside from one which we'll come to in the negatives. In fact: all was fine and it even merited a swift clean before handing it back (lots of flies on the front and dirt in the wheelarches) which elder daughter was happy to help with.

The boot is ample but I don't "get" this underfloor section. I can see it gives a flat loading bay if you want but slightly deeper one if you don't or a space to hide flat stuff under the cases but a lower bumper and flat floor all the time would be better. Then again, I'm not a car designer and probably just as well.

Plenty of space for our two mahussive Recaro car seats and even leg room behind me and W2.0, given the seating position is more "legs-up" than "legs out" in the front.

It would also do over 900kms on a single tank and I averaged 5.9litros-litros ghali's per centokilodistance, which is apparently about 48mpg which is stunning over 1100kms (more than I do in 3 months at home in die Schreibmaschine!) which included town stuff, rural stuff, motorway stuff. I know why diesel drivers like that stat: don't agree with the black stuff but I understand it.

So what was bad? The engine / gearbox combo is not for me.

It was great for cruising along but when a slower car pulled out and you had to regain speed the engine was lacking. I learned that early as on my way from Vienna to Komarno I had to slow in the right lane as a car overtook me in the left lane and then went to pull out to overtake the car in front that had slowed me up and found it more than slightly difficult to do in one fell swoop.

The climb up to the cottage also had the car in between first and second. First was too low; second too high. Arse wipe. On the roads through Moravia (routes 57 and 409 is one for the great driving roads thread: real Top Gear stuff) this cog swapping was a pain as it was impossible to be in the right gear, it seemed. That could just be my lack of experience driving diseasals, though. That said here's my biggest gripe of all family cars: who the fuck needs a manual gearbox??? What purpose does it serve to have mum on a school run swapping cogs; or stuck in holiday traffic or a day out to the local shopping town? Why?

So, if you want a family car the Nissan Squashie still beats all comers but order an auto, FFS!

I have a rental Corsa at the moment and the handling was alarmingly skittish. Turned out the tyres were inflated to 47 psi!

I quite like the look of the latest Cashcow. Much less bland than the original. What engine was it? 1.5dCI?

It's probably the best looking car of its type.  I've only limited experience of current small diesels, but the high gearing to maximise official economy and co2 results do them no favours at all.  The 1.6 Focus I was passenger in was borderline dangerous pulling away.

It's far from an ideal family car for you though BB, it only fits just over 50% of you in!
Big Blue

Ha ha. The chances of all mine being together in the same place are close to zero. Maybe at my funeral.

Don't know what engine it had: it was a diseasal that's all I know.

Re: Summer Car rental Part 2

I suspect it's the 1.6 diseasal, or is it a 1.5 now?

Big Blue wrote:
...That said here's my biggest gripe of all family cars: who the fuck needs a manual gearbox??? What purpose does it serve to have mum on a school run swapping cogs; or stuck in holiday traffic or a day out to the local shopping town? Why?


Also like when I read of x,y or z being the ultimate city car. With a manual box. So let's all sit and clutch pump in traffic every day. Huh?
Bob Sacamano

I kind of agree with you about the false floor in the boot but, as the dog is generally back there, we use it to safely store the rear parcel shelf under it, rather than have it kicking around the garage.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Why don't you store your dog in the underfloor area rather than let it kick the parcel shelf round your garage ?
Frank Bullitt

My brother-in-law has the last shape Kumquat with the 1.6dCi 130 engine and as a devout diesel-hater he is thoroughly impressed with the engine, so I suspect the one you had was the 1.5dCi which will need more stirring of the gearbox, he also reckons that it gets 48mpg on his weekly commute from Birmingham to Devon and back again Friday night (he begrudgingly sold his E46 320i coupe as it was getting 22mpg on the same trip).

I can really see the whole appeal of these cars and would happily own one as a family vehicle, they seem to thrive to the 'PCP for 250pcm job done' brigade.

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