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Alf McQueef

Spare parts purchase fail - may be of interest to PG!

I had a "brake pads low" warning on the XFR, which has covered 10k miles with me now (so 43k overall). The fronts clearly have loads left, but the rears are getting low - the outsides are still fine but it sounds like the insides go first (and that the warning is 2,000 miles ahead of needing the work anyway). I imagine the rear brakes get quite a workout restraining my right foot, though they must have been lowish when I bought it given my brakes always last forever.

Brakes were one thing I regretted getting BMW to do last time around, their servicing costs were surprisingly OK but brake replacement was silly money even for parts, when you can buy OEM approved ones online easily. I used to do brake pads myself, I don't know what the ZFR brakes are but they look quite Brembo-esque and pad changes on performance brakes are usually a piece of piss. So I went to buy some pads to either do myself, or when I get a tyre fitter (often they offer servicing too) to come over and fit my winter tyres to wheels, and then onto the car, as I'm sick of that little job!

Anyway I read "per axle pricing" as per corner when buying a set of pads (I decided to get fronts as well when I saw the fronts were only £60 a set and the rears £40, ex VAT) so now have two sets of fronts and rears! I was amazed by the price, which is what confused me - I went for Pagid "black" pads all round, which I have used before - Pagids are superb and are OE fitment on Porsche among others.

Wonder what Jaguar would have charged for that! Now I just need to work out whether I need a windback key for the XFR rear brakes or not, and whether anything bad will happen if I disconnect the battery to reset the EPB - when I did that on the A4 the key fobs and electric windows stopped working and needed reprogramming, plus the stereo needed a key I did not have... The first two were easily sorted but its worth researching in advance!

I assume Jaguar will be OK with anyone doing it, as it's just pads? (thinking about the warranty).  

To give you an idea of what the dealer might charge, I think BMW will want just under £500 to replace all 4 pads on mine, which is based on putting an older 535d into their fixed price servicing calculator rather than a quote.  It sounds like a lot, but I don't fancy getting it done elsewhere and I'm not sure who else would be able to update the electronic service record either.

The rears were on 3,200 miles left a couple of weeks ago and it's stopped counting down, so I'm not sure when to book it in.  The fronts have 7,000 miles left and the car clicked over 26,000 at the weekend.
Alf McQueef

Yes, BMW have you by the short and curlies a bit with their brake wear thingy, rather than the basic system on the jaguar. But I do know of plenty of people who have had independents replace pads/discs on fairly recent BMW's - I think discs and pads all round were £350 ish from a local garage for one person with a 520d I know. And that was with OEM approved parts.

Jaguar dealers often use Pagid pads, say those in the know - they are not going to be any the wiser, and while I will get it serviced by them, even with aftermarket warranties it seems there is not a legally enforceable way of forcing people to use main dealers even for that.
Big Blue

You see bearing in mind other comments about procurement, I can not begin to justify having wear and tear stuff done at even ML when the guys up the road can buy an OE alternator, brakes etc. and fit it at about £30/ hour.

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