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Shit Ford service

Mrs Scouse's little fizzbomb has developed a few little niggles. The bluetooth isn't working properly, it says it's connected, yet you can't access the phonebook, receive calls or if you try to make a call it says 'dialling' and cuts off. We've tried it on several phones (apple & otherwise) so it's not her phone. The other thing (and the reason for the title) is the heating & ventilation. Basically you have full fan & heat or full fan & cold. I told the service bod at the local Ford dealer this last Wednesday when I booked it in, however when I got there this morning I was most likely the rheostat, so they'd probably have the car for a few days as it's a common problem and the part is out of stock, so they'd add it to their outstanding order today. Today??? They knew what the car was coming in for a week ago, yet only decided to order the part that is unavailable today?
Bob Sacamano

Common sense would say that if there is a part that is failing regularly, when you order replacement parts for customers waiting on it, you order X number extra so you're ahead of the game in future. Unfortunately, common sense is in very short supply (probably on indefinite back order).

If they've done that and they've still run out then you're unlucky.

I'm going with 'they fucked up' since he said "we'll add it to the order today".
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Which infotainment unit is it, Sony or the Ford-branded one?

A good reason to find a good indie or specialist?

The bluetooth on our works' Transit is selective in when it works. About 3 times out of 10 it will actually recognise my phone, despite it being saved in the memory. The cheapo bluetooth headunit in my car is better - that works every time.

My dad says it a lottery whether the Mondeo recognises his phone. The 60 Alpine in the Defender plays music and does phone via Blutooth absolutely fine.

I have Bluetooth on the standard fit Sony single CD player in my Mondeo and it's never missed a beat, I've even programmed in voice commands for the phone and they work perfectly unlike most other voice activated controls.

I have had dozens of cars with Bluetooth and now Sync or Sync 2 and have never had any pairing or recognition issues.

I think it's Sync2 my dad has.  It is probably down to shitty Apple bluetooth rather than the car.

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