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Racing Teatray

Servicing Packs

Was brought home to me last week what good value some of these fixed servicing packs are. And how variable servicing standards can be.

When I bought the M135i, I availed myself of BMW's offer of a 5yr/60,000 miles servicing pack for £300. The car has since had two services of various sorts which have duly cost me nothing. And it always comes back squeaky clean.

Whereas when we bought my wife's Fiat two years ago, Fiat told us they didn't offer fixed service packs. I can see why - it's a cash cow for them - if you cover less than I think 9k per annum (and ours hasn't hit 10k yet), the 500 requires an annual service which cost £160 last year for an interim "low mileage" service and £290 this year (last week) for a full service. Oh and that was the rate out in Hounslow. Our local dealer in Battersea wanted quite a bit more. Moreover, the courtesy Panda had absolutely no petrol in it and they didn't bother to wash the 500.

So a 0.9 Fiat has cost 50% more in servicing over 2 years and 9k miles than a 3.0 BMW has cost over 3 years and 23k miles. And for a service that considerably crapper.

That's a ridiculous state of affairs.

The only bright note was that the courtesy Panda was a 1.2, which is relevant because I made my wife get the Twinair over the 1.2 which she was reluctant to do because the Twinair was more expensive and she didn't see the point. She does finally now get it - the Panda apparently felt sufficiently sluggish by comparison with her car for her to comment when she got home that she was very happy I had made her get the Twinair.

Mine cost £525 and they would want £550 for an M135i now.

They are still excellent value, even when a 5 year / 50,000 mile service pack only really lasts me 18 months and I'll be getting a bill for circa £500 in a few weeks time (car will be 13 months old) when I replace all the brake pads.

Did you know that they will top up the oil for free between services as well?  They told me about that when I bought the car, but mine hasn't used a drop in 25,000 miles.

Two services in 2 years / 20,000 miles is a lot these days.

I found out last week that my car has the service pack too, even though I wasn't told when I bought it - I had phoned them up to find out about updating the software version and they told me that although the car was covered by the service pack, there would be a small charge if I wanted it updated.
Bob Sacamano

We got the three service pack on Qashqai - two intermediate and a full for £500. I'm not sure that's terribly great value but I thought I'd throw the salesman a bone as he'd been very helpful.

FRV cost us £300 for 5, though (suprisingly enough) the first 5 were fairly straightforward and the 6th was the one were everything needed changing.

I'm sure these are generally manufacturer funded/supported as the dealers would rather charge the normal service rate I'm sure.
Alf McQueef

The link between the type of car and servicing costs seems totally broken these days. Maybe with modern cars needing so little actual work, its become very similar. The 330i was always suprisingly cheap to service - unless you needed a lot of parts (like the full brake change I had) it was much the same cost to service as the C Max or Golf Plus. Weird. Location seems to have the biggest influence!
Frank Bullitt

I was a bit gutted to discover a short while ago that Citroen would do you the £299 for three services offer if you took it up before the first service was due (12 months and 12,500 miles), the first service was £180, second £260 and the next one is £210 plus I had the brake fluid done at the second one so I'd have saved myself over £400.

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