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Selling some camera stuff...

I'm going to sell some camera gear so I thought I'd post it here before sticking it in the photography forums classified section...

I've had everything since new, it's all in unmarked condition and working etc... all priced after checking out the used equipment at Ffordes and undercutting their prices.

See here...

Canon 20D DSLR - 130 - SOLD.

Canon 50mm f2.5 lens - 160 - SOLD.

Panasonic GF1 - 160 - Sold.

I'll now have to buy new toys  

Are you looking to get something new?

My step dad wants me to sell most of his camera gear after he pre-ordered the new Olympus OM-D.

BTW Those are good prices, the GF1 without lens usually goes for about 200 on eBay.
woof woof

I've only ever bought a few things from ebay and I've never sold there and wouldn't know how to anyway      so I just thought I'd undercut Ffordes.

The GF1 is a great camera but I just don't like using cameras with the back screen. I bought a second hand G1 and since I got that I haven't really used the GF1 although I did take it to Kazakhstan with me at new year. For someone who's happy to use the back screen to shoot though it's a great camera up to and including ISO 1600. ISO 3200 is pretty poor but ok for small images and prints although if you can expose to the right and then back it off post capture 3200 is ok.

I don't really fancy that Oly. I think the G3 is pretty similar and that's a possible for me if the Fuji and Sony don't grab me.

The 20D is a good camera and every ISO including 3200 is ok but since I got a 5D and the G1 I really haven't used it, ditto the 50mm f2.5 since I got the 150mm f2.8 and 50mm f1.4.

My plan is to sell the GF1 and 20D and possibly the G1 too and just end up with the 5D and possibly a Fuji X Pro 1 or Nex 7 with just one or two lenses.There are problems with both of those though as the Fuji doesn't have diopter adjustment so I don't know if I'll be able to use it and the Sony doesn't have a single lens I'd want to buy. Neither have a reverseable rear screen either so I may end up keeping the G1 or getting a G3 as I can use them with the screen folded to the body.

I thought I'd put them here first as despite it's problems this site is still my default forum    There's been a lot of interest in the 20D and 50mm lens at the photography site and one bloke says he'll get back to me on Monday about the GF1.

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