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Scottish Air Show 2014

It occurred to me that I haven't posted any of the pics I took at from this years Scottish Air Show. Some may be aware that last year was the last Leuchars show, so this year it was held jointly between a (free) air display over Ayr beach on the Saturday, followed by a (mostly) static display at Prestwick airport on the Sunday.

These are some of the best ones from the two days, Saturday first.

The Blades, Spitfire roll


Westland Merlin. 14 tonnes of helicoptery mayhem.

Hello sailor!

Vulcan coming in over the hills.

Sunday - Vulcan on the ground.

Catalina closer up.



'Nuff said.

Vera - CWMH Lancaster.


Spitfires. Mk.IIa on the left, MkXVIe on the right.

Two Lancasters, leaving us and heading for home.

Vulcan - reprise.

Checking for . spiders?

The office.

There she goes ..

Aeroplanes weren't the only things on show.

Twelfth Monkey

Is it wrong to prefer the later Spitfires with bubble canopies?

Twelfth Monkey wrote:
Is it wrong to prefer the later Spitfires with bubble canopies?

Not at all, many do. Personally, I prefer the canopy on later marks, but not the tail, which I feel is too pointed and out of proportion with the rest of the aircraft.

Likewise, the "B" variant of the P51 had a 'box' canopy, I think it was only on the "D"that the iconic tear-drop canopy appeared.
Frank Bullitt

Great piccies

Boxer6 wrote:
Checking for . spiders?

Once bitten...

This damage means there are only two engines left which is why next year is the last for XH558; had these two not blown they'd have four to give themselves a few more seasons subject to airframe degradation which, post 2012, they have now decided to increase in order to reduce the number of 'cycles' on the engines; basically, XH558 cruises at higher speed which reduces the airframes life but allows the maintenance of a constant throttle speed so less 'cycling', it's also why you might notice at displays they very rarely change the engines pitch apart from some big climbs to get that wonderful 'howl', and then to drop slowly when turning in the display.

Checking the engine intakes is always taken extremely seriously!

I'm off for my hanger tour next Wednesday  
Alf McQueef

Love the Vulcan, and the Catalina.

The program that was on TV about the V bombers, "Cold War hot jets", is a kepper on my PVR! Some great footage, I must have watched it 4 times already!

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