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Racing Teatray

Savage depreciation

I'll say up front that I have no interest in this car (I can think of more attractive ways to spend 45k I don't have). I simply noticed that it was on for 45k, having cost some poor bugger 70k last September :

25k over 2,500 miles....
Chris M Wanted a V-10

The plate it's on is "cherished" ??? By whom ?

I suppose that's probably pretty much standard for a top of the range petrol motor in this class.

I hate cars that have colour-coded plastic around the seats though - the seat base would look so much better in black.

It's just settled towards its natural level I suspect. 3.0 V6 petrol, exec sized car, with a few options. Feels like a 50k car (new), whereas 70k is pretty silly.
Racing Teatray

Saw it in the showroom. Looks new, obviously. Because it basically is.

Big car though. A Quattroporte must be vast.

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