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Racing Teatray


What do you think?

Wheels are horrid, as is the steering wheel and I'd junk the modern mirrors, but otherwise....

That's pricey for something that's a helluva long way off being original, especially as prices have only been getting to these heights recently.

I wonder how much it would cost to return it to standard and even then how much would it fetch - I know they've managed the $1million mark a couple of times at auction but I assume those were matching numbers, etc versions.

There's one of these at Prescott every year. You'd get to see it if you ever turned up!
Big Blue

There's one in M-B World at Brooklands.

Chip Butty

Great concept but poor execution.

A good parrallel is to compare an Eagle E-type to a Beecham E-Type

The Eagle is a modernised original rebuilt to impeccable standards - so, for example, it retains the original engine, but it's remanufactured to modern standards.

Whereas the Beecham E-type is a heavily modified original - so it gets the powertrain from an X100 XKR, complete with the X100 dashboard, seats and wing mirrors. Basically it is as ungainly as it sounds, whereas an Eagle E-type is absolutely stunning

This 300 SL is the Merc equivalent of a Beecham E-type.
Nice Guy Eddie

I like it but then I'm not great worshipper of the Gullwing preferring the roadster.

The Beecham E-Type on the other hand is fooking horrid, Eagle anyday.

Not a fan I'm afraid. For me it has to be original or changed into something else, like the Eagle.

I have always loved the Gullwing though and it's just the execution and the change from the original I don't like.

I think his money would have been better spent on a new SLS for everyday and keeping the original Gullwing in the garage.

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