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Apex clipper

Rummaging about.

In the garage today..what a treasure trove of things that I've lost complete memory of. Old cassettes<Remember those? spent the next hour loading the stereo with them, and reliving times *pass.

Some old photos of a show at gaydon and the fun I had reseting the alarm secretly, whilst a photograher postioned a tri-pod behind the car as the RS had only been on the market about 4 months, and his attempts to take snaps.He looked puzzled as there wasn't anyone within 70 ft of it childish I know,but fun anyway.

The artwork & samples from a printrun done by me for the company I worked for at that time that featured the Topgear edition of the Veyron..ala James may driving.

A cuddly toy.

Tomorrow more excusions into the garage and later on a exploration into a place known as the 'loft'

Any bugger else found anything that makes you go 'ooooh! whilst on a rummage?


Find any porno. ?
Apex clipper

maz wrote:
Find any porno. ?

Don't be silly's stashed.
Dr. Hfuhruhurr

I was unpacking some boxes the other day, and found a small selection of childhood toy cars - mostly 1:43, including a Carabo, a Grifo, a 917/10 Can-Am car and an SM; and also a tiny Corgi Rockets (remember them?) Carabo.

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