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Frank Bullitt

Rolling back the years - what five?

Ok, as it seems I shot my bolt to early on this one...

Considering where you are in 2012 (age, family, income against national average, job etc. etc.) what would you have been driving in:


So, for example, in 2012 you might drive a Peugeot 307 1.4 but in 1982 you wouldn't be driving a Porsche 911 - what would be the car on the market that you'd choose.  In my case, in 2002 the A2 TDI did exist but as the oldest ones were 18 months old and they still made incredible money, I wouldn't have had one.

Here's mine:

2002 - Mercedes A160 Elegance, Fiat Punto 85 16v ELX
1992 - Fiat Tipo 1.6DGT SX, Peugeot 205 1.4GT
1982 - Citroen GSA Pallas, in this era we'd probably only be a one-car family
1972 - Renault 16TS
1962 - VW Type 1

Looking at this, now Mrs FB has the family bus I'd probably not have the A2 if I didn't enjoy it as much - a decently punchy supermini would suit me, and I think I may have sold myself a little short on the two supermini's above (Punto GT and 205 1.6GTI perhaps...)

So what about yours?

I haven't even the foggiest how to work that out. I tend to get the cheapest, best car I can be arsed to afford.

I suspect bangernomics any time prior to 1992 would have meant a new car every couple of weeks.
Twelfth Monkey

Blarno wrote:
I haven't even the foggiest how to work that out.

Frank Bullitt

OK, I give up...
Chocy Rocky

I think mine would be something like this.

2002. Peugeot 306 TD and VW Vento.

1992. Primera Mk1 2.0 and Ford Orion.

1982. Astra Mk1 and Mk2 Escort

1972. No idea. Austin Princess?
Twelfth Monkey

Frank Bullitt wrote:
OK, I give up...

Sorry, I mean that I can't really 'place' older cars like I can ones from the last ten years or so.  The failing is mine, not yours!

Tricky this. I'd guess:

2002 - Passat estate.
1992 - Peugeot 405 estate - maybe a Montego if I wanted badge cachet.
1982 - sierra estate
1972 - No idea. Maybe a mini, seems they were big enough for everyone back then.
Bob Sacamano

OK, I'll give it a go, comparing what I was driving to probably what I would have been driving if I was then what I am now ( I think that's right).

Was driving: VW Passat 1.9 Tdi
Would be: Audi A4 1.8SE - having said which I bought a TT in 2004 so it may have been that.

Was driving: Mk. 3 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6L
Would be: Mk3 Vauxhall Cavalier 2.0 GLi (or maybe a Calibra)

Was driving Mk2 Escort 1.3L
Would be: Probably Mk.2 Granada 2.3GL

Was: Raleigh Mayflower bike
Would be: Ford Cortina 2.0 GXL

Was: er..
Would be: dunno; probably Mk1. Cortina

Would be:

I tried it but got stuck at 1992  

2002 would be E35 M5 and early Fiat Coupe 20v turbo. Not sure I really need a diesel estate/3rd car any more but if I did it would be a Pug 405.

I really can't think of the 1990s equivalents.
Dr. Hfuhruhurr

This is going to be very unoriginal

was - nothing, but about to order E46 M3
would - E46 M3

was - nothing
would - E36 328i

was - Chevette van (work)
would - E21 323i

was - nothing
would - E9 3.0CS

was - nothing
would - Alfa Giulia
Martin gave up far to easily!

It is a difficult one, especially for the 'young uns', which I'd obviously class myself as!

I had a Passat Estate in 2002 and a 405 estate in 1994 (close), but if we're bringing it up to date, then it would be something like:

2002 - BMW 318i SE (E46)
1992 - BMW 318i (E36)
1982 - Rover 2600S

Really not sure after this....
1972 - Rover P6 2000 / Mk1 Granada?
1962 - Austin Cambridge?

2002/1992 are the only years I know for sure, as I remember what was on the company car list.

what are we doing here?!
Humphrey The Pug

Too confusing, I pass!
Racing Teatray

It took me a moment to understand what this was about. Think I understand so…

was – MkII Golf GTi 16v
equivalent would be – E39 M5 and Z3 3.0 roadster

was - nothing
equivalent would be – E34 M5 and the good old Z1 itself

was - nothing
equivalent would be – M535i and…nothing direct…TVR 280i Convertible?

was – not born!
equivalent would be – 2000 Tii (Neue Klasse) and… nothing direct…Porsche 914/6?

was – not born
equivalent would be – 1500 (Neue Klasse) and… nothing direct…Lotus Elan?

Humphrey The Pug wrote:
Too confusing, I pass!

Is the idea to guess the game then play it? first post has been deleted!

I think Mr Bullitt was less than impressed with the initial response.


Frank Bullitt

OK, opening post re-written...

2012 Skoda Superb 2.0 TDI Estate and MINI Cooper Clubman
2002 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Estate and MINI Cooper
1992 Volvo 940 Estate and VW Polo GT
1982 Volvo 240 Estate and MG Metro
1972 Rover 2000 TC and FIAT 127 Super
1962 Riley 4/72 and Mini
1952 Riley RMF and MG Y-Type
1942 Rover 12 and Riley 9 Monaco (both last of line 1939 pre-war models)
1932 Rover 12 and Standard Big 9 (!)
Racing Teatray

Ohhhhh. Right.

As you can see I got the wrong end of the stick entirely.

So, re-jigging it:

Audi RS2 and Z1

MkII Golf GTI 16v and perhaps an Alfa Romeo Spider (on the grounds the Z1 would have been way too expensive back then)

Lancia Beta Volumex HPE and a Fiat 124 Spider?

2002 Tii and… a second-hand Series 1 E-Type (presuming they were cheap at that stage!)

Jaguar MkII and some sort of MG I expect.
Andy C

2002 - Civic Type R or maybe a Leon Cupra.

1992. Escort XR3i although I'd like to think it would've been a Cosworth

1982. Struggling now, erm... Golf GTi

1972. Haven't got a clue

2002: Astra Coupe
1992: Calibra 16V
1982: Cavalier Coupe?
1972: Opel GT?

I only have my first car now, so I'll get whatever I can get!
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Not sure that I'fe fully "got" this so here goes:

2002: Was Renault Scenic DTi
Would be: Renault Scenic DTi

1992: Was Rover 820 SE fastback
Would be: Passat estate (and would have been if the dealer had moved on the second-hand price of 1 that I test-drove)

1982: Was Citroen Visa SuperE
Would be: Renault Espace

1972: Not old enough to drive

I'll give it a go:

2002: Golf or Focus estate 1.9 TDI SE or 1.8TDDI Zetec.

1992: Peugeot 405 estate

1982: Sierra estate or Montego estate if I was feeling patriotic!

1972: Haven't a clue, but I'd like to think I'd persuade my boss to get me a DS Safari!

Given that my 2012 car is 13 years old, I dread to think what nasty shitboxes I'd be rolling around in in the previous decades. Although, my 2002 could have been a Bluebird ZX Turbo...

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