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Eff One

Renault Clio 1.5 dCi 90bhp Diesel, Dynamique MediaNav Manual

Our hire car last week in Spain. I'm guessing at the version from the badging at the fact that it had (largely useless) built-in sat-nav.

On the upside, it rode comfily, had decent seats and used next to no fuel over 100 or so miles. I liked the colour, too - a deep metallic red.

Otherwise... Dear God, what a shitheap. From the outside it's ghastly from any angle, despite the colour; from inside, the view is fine as long as you don't need to see what's behind you. Because you can't. I've never sat in a car with worse rearward visibility.

It's utterly joyless to drive - the major controls have all the tactility of remote control buttons - and although the perceived quality of the interior is acceptable, it rattled far more than my seven-year-old Focus.

Better than a C1, but that's about it. Dynamique in name only.
Humphrey The Pug

So did you like it?!
Nice Guy Eddie

I think they look good in heavy spec and yes that colour is rather lovely.

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