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RDQ: longest time without a car.

Title is self explanatory. Will be 3 years next month.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

(This excludes time on holidays when there was/is no car to drive, I presume?)

Since getting my first car..... about a week,  just over 2 years ago when the Galaxy failed its MoT after Christmas 2014 and the required parts (rear brake lines) took a few days to arrive. Some of the time-without-car was due to the Bank Holidays.

2 days due to handing a company car back on a Friday evening and getting a hire car delivered on the Sunday. My girlfriend had a car, so I wasn't stuck or forced into public transport, but i really didn't like it.

Bit of a cheat here maybe as I was using my (Kawasaki ZX-6R) bike every day, but a period of about 18 months either side of coming home from the Isle of Man.

Strictly speaking, I did have access to a car; but my then-wife's car was a Daewoo Lanos, so . . . . . .

About a month when I had written off my Corsa in the 90s.
Humphrey The Pug

Quite a few months, can't remember how many though; 6 maybe.

About 20 years ago I was involved in an accident which wrote my car off, I never got round to replacing it straightaway as I worked within walking distance and if we needed to go any great distance we used Tina's car.

I only bought one when I got a new job and it was to far to walk.
Racing Teatray

Didn't get my first car until I was nearly 20.

However since then...hmm. I don't remember how long I was without an available car when I first went to Moscow. A month or two perhaps before I got Larry the Lada.

Apart from that, I probably went 6 weeks without driving when I was on my sabbatical in South America.

I only got my first car at 25, and I'm only onto my second one now.

There was about a week between selling the Lancer and taking delivery of the Prius, but I had an Audi R8 to tide me over during the meantime...
canadian bacon

about 18 mths in London, back in 1993-4. I couldn't afford to run any kind of car, so gave up till my situation improved

In reality, probably never! I have had a couple of days here and there when a car needed to stay in the garage longer than expected but I have always had access to a car from my parents or wife. In my late teens, early 20's my Dad used to have a small fleet (he just loved tinkering) so there was always something to drive.

As with John, probably never since my 17th birthday. Always had access to my parents when mine was off the road and I ran two when I was at Uni and since then access to Mrs. GBB's and often a third car too.

Right now we've got 4 cars in the family.

2 years from 93-95 when my first car died. I was about to do a University postgrad though, so didn't need one and needed the money for other things...

Then 4 years in the late '90's for medical reasons (and then 2003-2004, the same). That rankled a bit more - I had access to a car, but that's not the same.
Bob Sacamano

Never really thought about this. I suppose after I got my first car at 18 I can't think of anytime I haven't had daily access to one. Probably the closest was when I was 21 and working and living in Edinburgh centre so left my car back in the North East through the week and hitched a lift up and down Monday and Friday with my dad, who was also working in Edinburgh.

Never since my first car or certainly no more than a few days between selling one and picking up another.
Nice Guy Eddie

I don't think I have since passing my test. Quite frankly the idea of being stranded without wheels brings me out into a cold sweat.

I do remember being snowed in a few years ago for about 4 days before a mate had to come and rescue me in his Subaru Legacy.
Eff One

Just over 4 years between selling the GTA in June 2008 and buying my second, ill-fated MX-5 in September 2012. I lived within walking distance of work and always had access to Mrs Eff's car.
Big Blue

Living in a flat and cycling to work. I had been bike racing and was skint so sold the van, the bike, my CRX and built a 531 tubed racer with Campag brakes and gears with Mavic wheels. It was actually a great bike for a pedal-pusher.

Then after about 18months I changed jobs and got given a car. Early 90s.
Chip Butty

Didn't have a car at Uni, nor did any of my chums and we didn't miss what we didn't have, I walked everywhere and was racing snake lean.

I was without chariot for 6 weeks (in between XJ6 and company XF) and it was only a pain for work (cadged lifts). Shops, gym, etc - could all be reached by a 30 minute walk.

Ever since then, I refuse to use the car for short journeys, I walk to the shops and walk to work, walk into town (40 mins each way).

The times I actually need to use my car (i.e, Disco in use) are so rare, that it would sit for weeks on end if I didn't take it for regular weekend exercise
Mike Amos

About six years between leaving the army and buying Bess, mostly living and working in London so not as tedious as it might have been.

Didn't do my driving test until the grand old age of 27, but that doesn't really count. Apart from holidays with no car rentals it'll be the 3 month ban last year.

I'd happily go without a car if I could, but have no way of getting to work without one. I'm trying my best to be a better driver since the crash, but no one else on the road is doing the same and that winds me up so much that I've come to hate being behind the wheel. I do a four on, four off shift pattern and my car doesn't get used on my four days off unless I have to go shopping...

Assuming we're not talking of time when it's in for a service etc - 17years, 4months - my age when I bought my first car a little under 39 years ago, since then I've never been without one.

Since I passed my test, I think the only time I've ever had no access to a car was my first 6 moths at uni and the first time my Cortina was stolen.
Bryan M

I thought I would leave the car at home when I first went to uni - I made it a grand total of 3 weeks before I got the train home and picked it up - I haven't been without wheels since

3 weeks at most - the SAAB was drive-bound for that long whilst I did the head gasket last summer. Other than that, never been without a car in the 19 years I've been driving.

Think it was about 1 month without a car.I even had a car when i was unemployed.

Since owning my first car at 21 and a half, never.  

Although during a couple of icy/snowy winters I have on occasion been without access to a usable car.  In January 2010 this lasted for about a fortnight as I couldn't actually get my car off my drive and out of my road!

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