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Alf McQueef

RC stuff - F1 GTR

As some of you may know, I am quite into RC cars - mainly the 1/27 scale (i.e. small!) Kyosho Mini-Z's, with their highly realistic swappable bodies.

Some - like the McLaren F1 - are very hard to find at sensible money in pre-painted form, so I had a go at the "white" body which you paint and build yourself. It never looks as good, but you can choose your own colour - so I went for the same McLaren orange as my Caterham. Not a bad result (warning - I am shite at taking good quality stills photos of tiny things!):


Nice job. Orange is a notoriously difficult colour to get to cover nicely on models; you've done very well there.

Did you airbrush or use a hairy stick?
Chris M Wanted a V-10

It looks under-tyred; could do with larger rubber and bigger wheels

Apart from that, not bad at all !
Alf McQueef

Agreed - the width of the track on Mini-Z's is controlled by the wheels, they have varying levels of offset. Those wheels are off a Competizione F40 and are quite a low offset, I am awaiting the correct wheels... They are still a little inbound of the chassis on the race bodies though - often a good job, this one has a brushless motor, adjustable LSD, and so on - it is pretty fast and wheels that stick out get ripped off in crashes!!

I used a Tamiya spray can after doing a few with an airbrush - it worked really well and I loved not having to clean the brush out after every coat. For this sort of one- colour application I will use them again, for sure...

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