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First game from ID since Doom3 and Quake 4, looks epic.  Like fallout but with a mad max spin on it.!5762887/rage-may-be-a-wasteland-but-in-this-new-trailer-its-a-pretty-one

I am hoping for great things with this...

...but id have a habit of coming up short on the actual game, great graphics and underlying tech. but often shallow gameplay.

It reminds me a lot of Borderlands too.

Bethesda have got a good track record with Fallout and Elder Scrolls, though they are known for buggy games.  ID likewise have a good track record, though they havn't made much in a while and could be out of the loop.

The current generation of hardware is finally making Mad Max size game worlds viable.  I am hoping for a blade runner game, or something inspired by it at least.

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