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My mum has decided this is the thing to get the 'family' for christmas (after she bought me a wii for my birthday a few years ago). Her reasoning being that it has more of the games that I play than does the wii and the wii has been adopted by everyone else.
Question is which model do I get? and does it play DVD's as well as blu-ray?

It won't be used for online gaming (our broadband connection is just tooo slow) and I won't be on it a huge amount - probably just going to get GT5 and the latest Call of Duty for now.

Yep, it includes a DVD laser, too.

As for the model, if you're not going to take it online, the 320gb model will be overkill. I think the 120gb model has been discontinued, so the entry model might now be a 250gb one.

Pick of the bunch is the launch 60gb one, thats the only one that can play PS1 & PS2 games and read memory cards from them.  After that theyre all the same, newer ones are smaller with more memory.

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