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Alf McQueef


Are definitely on the up. I have been stalking a few models for months now and IS-F, E90 M3, and C63 prices are distinctly up, often by thousands for the same car.

The C class is hilarious - a 2007/8 C63 is aroud 24k, a 2006 C55 of the previous shape at the same mileage is half that. Which makes you wonder it if really is twice the car.... Both were well reviewed.

XFR prices remain more sensible but I remain distinctly out of love with the interiors except for the odd car where the wood stuff is black.

I wonder if this is just seasonal or partly petrol-price related. Because none of the economic forecasts I am looking at are especially bright right now across europe. The only bright bit for us is the possibility of the Euro's ongoing slide leading to lower UK prices of foreign cars.

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