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Port forwarding/opening.

Tech question here for anyone who knows owt about computers and stuff.

Recently, I have installed Doomsday on my PC with an eye to shooting my mates online, only I can't get it to work online. I can host a server, but no-one can join as my port (Port 13209) is not open. Neither can I join a hosted game for the same reason. I have no clue what this port is or how to go about opening it.

I found some info at, but it's not much help. It tells me to make my IP adress static, which I can't seem to do, nor can I open the port as simply as it tells me to.

Surely it can't be this difficult to play a game online, especially as all I have to do to play Unreal Tournament is be connected to the internet?

Any help would be massively appreciated.

You may find these sites of use: and

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