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Bryan M

Porsche Build

I appear to have lost a lot of Saturday watching this - very talented and entertaining chap - the car is lovely he is building

Looks goo, will watch later.

I've watched the whole series now, his interior is not really to my taste...  

He should stick to the bodywork!  
Bryan M

I can't believe how much effort he put into the paintwork inside then glued sound deadening all over it!

I love the brown leather but the purple tartan is a bit sudden for me too - I can see it working when the whole car is finished.

I am looking forward to him rebuilding his engine
Chris M Wanted a V-10

gonnabuildabuggy wrote:
Looks goo, .....

Adhesive fetish ???

His interior work is a bit of a low point for the series, I am hoping once he gets the oily bits it will get better.

I hope he changes the carpet (which he has hinted at).

That looks awful...

The "Mrs Jeff" bit is a little cringe-worthy too!

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