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Porsche Boxster

Had a very brief drive in the boss' Boxster today to reset the ECU and PSM after a battery change. His is a non-S 5 speed model with a blowing exhaust.

Brief impressions:

Comfy, even on 19s, and less prone to tramlining than my Mondeo on 18s. Ride was a bit crashy over the rubbish road surface near John Lennon airport.

Interior was very well screwed together for 80 odd thou miles, no marks on the leather, good stereo.

Driving wise, once I'd circumnavigated the nearest roundabout a few times to reset the PSM, it was quite keen to wag its arse, even in the dry on hot tarmac. It didn't feel especially powerful - I know not the figures for a basic 2007 model - and torque wise would be left feeling a bit inadequate by my Mondeo. Noise was a bit garbled with the exhaust blowing, but still had a lovely thrum under all the racket.

Overall, a lovely little car, but I'd rather a Cayman.

Re: Porsche Boxster

Blarno wrote:

- I know not the figures for a basic 2007 model - and torque wise would be left feeling a bit inadequate by my Mondeo.

I think even my little Punto beats it!

The 2007 model 2.7 did 0-60 in 5.8 / 0-100 in 14.2, so not the quickest car on the road, but not slow either.  It has about the same torque as Phil's Punto and 40 lb ft less than the flying postbox, so about the same torque to weight.

I don't know what the 2.7 / 5 speed combo is like, but in our car, there's a step up in performance at 3,000 and it pulls much harder again at 4,000 rpm, with another step up in the last 1,000 rpm.  As I know from experience, that's when it stops just pulling away to disappearing from a 520d!  As 5th is the same as 6th in the 2.7, I'd guess a 6 speed box would help make it feel livelier. It's also interesting how different the 2.9 engine is eg peak power is at 7,200 rpm rather than 6,400, it has variable valve timing (intake/exhaust) etc.

I find the way it turns and goes around corners by far the most impressive bit, it's not dramatically fast in a straight line, but at least you can use all the performance regularly.   It sounds better with the roof down too and with the sports exhaust switched on it howls!

If you drove long distances then a Cayman would be a better option, but the sensations with the roof down make it so much more enjoyable to drive, by a margin that still surprises me.  Ive always thought that 2 seat sports cars should be convertibles and I'm more convinced than ever now.  I had the roof up this morning and enjoyed in to work despite the traffic, but I had goosebumps on the way home....

I don't know whether that warrants a     or a.'s nice to read that you liked something!  
Alf McQueef

I have always found Boxsters and Caymans a really stunning combination of ride and handling, and with good refinement yet a nice snort when pressing on (a suprisingly loud snort in the S models). It is no wonder they sell well.

0-100 in 14.2 is fast, in most people's books - I guess, much like the 996 Carrera 4s an old boss used to have, smoothness and decent handling, refinement, and stability take the edge of how fast they feel.

That, in Blarno terms, is a glowing endorsement of the car!

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