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Planet Earth HD now on iTunes

I never managed to catch this on TV when it was broadcast, but since I saw it demonstrated on Blu-ray, it has made me want to experience it in HD.

Now it's available on iTunes - along with some other shows - so I downloaded the deep sea episode to try it out. The HD version only costs 2.49 per episode and gives you the iPod version free, normally 1.89. If there's any iTunes users out there who want to experience HD and value for money, I recommend it.

I just wish PS3s had games I'd want to play, as Blu-ray really appeals. I've been tempted to get the defunct HD-DVD add-on for my 360 now they're at a bargain price, too.

EDIT: This post made me check eBay and I've bought the Xbox 360 HD-DVD add-on for 26 brand new (the seller had a job lot of 156!) and the latest King Kong for a fiver. Finally going to go hi-def, just a pity it's a dead format. Not a great deal of discs I want, but as it happens, the BBC released Planet Earth on this format too.

I've got the Planet Earth box set (which cost a good deal more than on iTunes!!) on Blu-ray.  The quality is breath taking.

I've got a release list of all HD-DVDs available before they were discontinued and I'm glad to see both Planet Earth and Blue Planet were amongst the releases, so I'll be on the look-out for them.

I've got 4 films on HD-DVD now, all less than a fiver.

King Kong (Love it anyway, but the HD quality makes your eyes pop)

The Corpse Bride (Amazed that it was the first film to be made on a DSLR. In this case a Canon EOS 1d Mark II. Looks brilliant in HD)

Full Metal Jacket (Too old to benefit from HD, looks akin to the upscaled DVDs on my 360)

The Big Lebowski (always a classic, replaces a DVD version)

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