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Big TC

Peugeot RCZ 2.0 HDi

I've had this one all weekend (but not been driving it, oh no....)

I drove this from deepest Essex to Cambridgeshire on Friday, and tomorrow it goes to a car auction in Lancing (near Brighton).

Firstly, I can't stand Peugeots and I find the latest ones are really built down to a price. Of the current range I've driven, none appear to have any soul in them. its as though the engineers were instructed to make them as bland as possible - if they were a colour, it'd definitely be magnolia.

The RCZ at least gave the impression that it was going to be a little bit different - rather like the designers and engineers had developed it without the bean counters being aware of it. Certainly, the looks are a bit bonkers. For example, I thought it was a hard-top convertible, but no it's not. It just LOOKS that way. Hmmmmm....

Driving position: I found it easy to find a good driving position, with the caveat that there's not much room for you left foot. My left knee begins to become painful if I can't get my leg almost straight - I found that in the RCZ I had to put my left foot over the top of the clutch and up into the gubbins under the dash to by truly comfortable.

The seats are nice and supportive, the instruments are easy to read and the controls are in intuitive places. I was surprised to see that the entire dash seemed to be covered in leather - very little harsh plastic in sight. A welcome change. Lots of bits and pieces that I recognised from my Citroen DS3, however.

This was a 2-iltre diesel which was nice and pokey with big gobs of torque. It didn't like to be revved to the red line (unlike the 2-litre BMW diesel I tried in the 3-series) but the performance was more than adequate for today's traffic conditions.

It handled really well and cornered with very little body roll. Obviously, it is more or less impossible to approach the limit in a modern car like this on the public roads (your honour) but it didn't disappoint.

I quite liked it. Different to look at both inside and out, with a fine turn of pace and good road holding. However, I'm not sure that it's a particularly 'masculine' car - the owner was a woman in her, let's say, 60s!

I have always liked the look of the RCZ. The THP turbo with a frooty exhaust would be my choice.
Dr. Hfuhruhurr

Roadsterstu wrote:
I have always liked the look of the RCZ. The THP turbo with a frooty exhaust would be my choice.

I had a THP 200 as a hire car last Christmas - as TC said, the interior is ALL leather, which looked great apart from slightly wonky contrast stitching. Worst thing was the ride, though, which is a bit of a shocker in a Peugeot. They need to rehire their old damper guy.
Big TC

I forgot to mention that the clutch was VERY heavy, or the return spring was of super-industrial strength.

Sorry to see it go today - swapped it for a Ford Ranger Crewcab diesel...

I'm just back from delivering this 60-plate RCZ 156 THP GT, white with black alloys from Clacton-On-Sea to Stratford Upon Avon (180+ miles - A12, M25, M40, A46)

Loved the look, the detail of the twin 'bubble' roof, the full leather interior, the level of equipment (electric seats made finding a near perfect driving position very easy) and the fact it was very refined, cruised quietly on the motorways. The steering felt direct and accurate, the ride wasn't overly harsh.

The car is very colour sensitive, this was destined for a female owner, but in back with contrasting silver roof pillars I think they look tremendous.

I also liked the button on the console by the handbrake that raised or lowered the rear spoiler when you wanted it to. Not sure when or at what speed the spoiler would raise automatically. It was more for poseurs to press (so I did)

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