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Oulton Park, 7/4/10

Took a quick trip to Oulton yesterday to watch Little Pete giving Metslow a beasting after fitting a new subframe and fibreglass bonnet. Didn't manage to get too may photos, as I was having to stop Phoebe eating stones, mud and litter as we walked around.

One for Gittish Plates?

No clue what this was, but it was apparently Ferrari powered and sounded awful.

Tasty 993 Turbo.

Rough trackslag M3 CSL.

V8 M3 DTM style. Sounded awesome with the sequential box.

Thundersaloon Sierra.

Kitcar Beetle...

..with 170 Bhp TDi PD power! Quick and quiet bit of kit.


This looked mean, carbon or kevlar body, too. You could see the weave through the paint.

This Corvette sounded lovely, but the driver was an arse and holding everyone else up with his pussyfooting through corners.

Metslow, with rattle-canned fibreglass bonnet.

Another for gittish plates.

Is this a modern Ginetta?

It looks like a modified Renault Spyder.

When finished this Esprit would look the business.

Some nice shots there, Blarno. Metslow looks mean as f***.

I was thinking Ginetta for the white car too Matt.

I love the ropey CRX as well.

It was a Ginetta, not sure which one though. There was 2 of them and they were pretty quick.

Had I studied the logos on the door, I would have seen the Ginetta badge...

Looks like a G50 which, I believe, has been updated for this year's championship.

TimR wrote:
Looks like a G50 which, I believe, has been updated for this year's championship.

It's a G40, the G50 is bigger and has brake cooling ducts in the corners of the front bumper.

Great pictures Blarno.

That white car looks lovely. I like white and I'm glad that it seems to be becoming more popular.

PS. I'm sure I read somewhere that Ginetta have a working electric car but can't get development money off the government.

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